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Do I need to prepare anything for the first appointment?

If available, you should bring all documents relating to the project with you to the actual meeting. For example, the property’s site plan, objectives of the existing building (floor plan, views, sections), permits, and photos. This simplifies the basis for the discussion, saves time, and can provide information about the extent to which the architect and the client can realize the project together.

When do I need an energy certificate?

The energy certificate is a document that evaluates a building in terms of energy. Since 2013, it has been required for both existing buildings and new buildings. It provides information on energy efficiency and is issued by a professional authorized to publish it.

Who is involved in the construction project?

In addition to the client and the architect, many qualified specialists are involved in a construction project. These include, among others, safety and health coordinators, structural engineers, surveyors, soil experts, fire protection experts, and technical building equipment suppliers.

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